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Finchum Sports Floors LLC Gym Floor Cleaner is a great way to keep your gym floor and other hardwood floors in pristine condition. The Gym floor cleaner & disinfectant is for mopping and tacking wood floors for waterborne and solvent borne finishes.

Gym Floor Cleaner

SKU: 2123
  • Maintenance and Cleaning:


    For removal of Oil and Dust

    Mix 1 part Gym Floor Cleaner with 3 parts water. Saturate Mop or cloth with solution, squeeze out excess and mop floor. Rinse out mop frequently and re-saturate. 


    Tacking Prior to Coating:

    After floor has been sanded or screened and vacuumed use Gym Floor Cleaner mixed 1-8-10 with water for tacking. Reccommended for tacking floors prior to applying water borne finishes.

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